Long Track Speed Skating Race Suits

The Qwixskinz Speed Skate suits are produced for 2 levels of competition.

Our national level race suit is for the athlete that requires the best in aerodynamic construction while providing a durability & more accommodating fit that the national level skater requires throughout a season. Our Speed Skate Race suits have been refined with scientific data as well as input from top aerodynamic engineers for the best fit and performance qualities

  • Top quality fabric to assure fit and performance benefits
  • Combination of textured aerodynamic sit panels & coated spandex torso panels for the elite race suit composition
  • Ergonomically fit hood allows for a comfortable head position

Our new Elite race suit will be unveiled later in 2018 & will be the product of an exciting new collaboration with the best team in speed skating aerodynamics & design.

The world of speed skating is overdue for something new!

Performance Benefits

With Speed Skating, Qwixskinz has used the same approach to developing the highest quality race suits as possible.

An initial 2 year pattern development phase has now been taken one step further with the 3D pattern technology that has revolutionized the notoriously difficult fit of the Long Track Speed Skate race suit. Our ability to wrap the skater’s 3D form with the pattern pieces & move through the skating motion allows for target areas to be adjusted where needed. At the end of the day, if an aerodynamic race suit does not FIT correctly, it is not fast. Wind tunnel testing has proven that. Our Qwixskinz LT Speed Skate suit aims to end that dilema.