For Qwixskinz, research is a never ending pursuit of what is fastest.

From fabric development that result in superior fabrics exclusive to Qwixskinz that allows us to reduce the aerodynamic drag of an athlete to state of the art wind tunnel testing facilities used to collect ever important data, Qwixskinz does it.

We work independently or with teams that then have exclusive rights to the technology with uncover with them.

Our collaborations with the best fabric developers is another key to our (& your) success.

With every season comes new developments & improvements. We explore them all.

2018 will be another big step in race suit research.

3D Pattern Technology

2018 marks the year Qwixskinz takes a huge leap forward in the science & technology of race suits!

That time is now!

Qwixskinz now has the world’s most innovative & complete 3D patterning technology that allows us to take an athlete’s measurements from our newly expanded measuring protocol, build a custom virtual 3D model of each athlete, wrap our 3D race suit pattern onto the athlete & with all Qwixskinz fabric stretch data incorporated into our software, be able to analyze where any potential fit, stretch or restricting issues may occur. Custom pattern adjusting is then applied. At Qwixskinz, we are taking this even farther with the ability to manipulate the virtual 3D model into sport-specific real race movements & body positions to perfect the fit further.

The best athletes in the world deserve the BEST race suits.

Wind Tunnel


Qwixskinz has joined forces with ACE wind tunnel at UOIT to develop testing protocol that gives us extremely accurate information about drag coefficients.

The ability to add environmental factors such as temperature & humidity takes us to the front of the pack for wind tunnel testing. Sport specific data collection protocols also separate us from the rest. Ever important “blockage ratios” are factors in so many sports & small wind tunnels cannot replicate race day conditions.

Many companies make the claim about being “wind tunnel tested”, but at Qwixskinz just making a good “wind tunnel suit” is not acceptable. At Qwixskinz, we test & refine our products to bring you the fastest RACE suit for race day.

Material Science

Technical fabrics improve & change constantly. At Qwixskinz, we are always studying & pushing the latest developments that allow us to manipulate air flow, reduce drag, increase muscle compression & activation. Anything that is required by each individual sport.

Working together with the world’s leading aerodynamic fabric mills, Qwixskinz is researching, developing & testing all fabric options to stay at the forefront of the industry. Utilizing climatic wind tunnel testing, provides us with actual race day environmental factors as well as aerodynamic data that is used in the all important fabric research. These collaborations have resulted in superior fabrics, some exclusive to Qwixskinz, that are used in our race suits today. The newly added 3D simulation technology enables testing of stretch, warp & weft for each fabric, giving us insight into not only the best choices for each sport but also the next step in fabric characteristics we target to develop.