About Us

With more than 20 years experience in the race suit industry, Qwixskinz founder & CEO Deanna Panting knew we could do better.

While providing race suits for all levels of high speed sports that require constant aerodynamic & fabric developments presented a challenge, we knew the team at Qwixskinz as well as our expansive research & design partners we could call on can keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The evolution of race suits from the first Olympics Deanna produced race suits for at the 1998 Nagano Olympics to the recent 2018 PeongChang Olympic Games has been impressive but we can do more.

Newly planned collaborations, scientific & aerodynamic developments and expanded possibilities have the next 4 years to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games truly exciting!

The Beginning

Deanna Panting CEO Qwixskinz

Deanna Panting, founder & CEO of Qwixskinz has an extensive athletic background with a competitive history that includes 8 years of World Cup Skeleton racing on the Canadian National team, winning World Cup medals in all colours.

She combines this knowledge of what an athlete needs from a race suit, both physically & psychologically & with a clothing design background that includes more than 20+ years of experience in the race suit industry.

To add the third portion of this triple threat in the elite race suit business, Deanna has worked for more than a decade on the research & extensive testing phases of fabrics, race suit designs & seam placement to lessen the drag coefficients & giving our customers every aerodynamic benefit when they go to the line.

As the industry changed, we have evolved into today’s Qwixskinz. We have built an impressive team of aerodynamic & scientific experts, state of the art fabric developers & world leading designers. All of these components culminating in a production team that is second to none in quality & attention to each important detail.

This team allows Qwixskinz to constantly develop, test, improve & produce our products to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our newly expanded 3D patterning & future 3D scanning for our elite & custom race suits allows the perfect fit with less steps to get there. The use of the 3D pattern development allows us to break away from the rest that are still using 2D flat patterns to allow us a superior fit in our stock sized race suits as well.


To be in the position the Qwixskinz team has, in being with every athlete on their best day in sport is an honour we do not take lightly. From the first athletes outfitted in the 1998 Nagano Olympics to our record number of 17 nations wearing Qwixskinz race suits under various sponsor labels in PeongChang in 2018, we have been proud in every step that has become today’s QWIXSKINZ brand.

Along the way we have watched athletes win medals of every colour while wearing our race suits. In Olympics, World Championships & World Cups as well as an endless list of personal bests that make up the magic that competitive sport is. With our next steps underway in our pursuit to provide the BEST race suits available, we have embraced 3D pattern technology & future 3D scanning. We look forward to another record breaking year!

Our Future

From the 1998 Nagano Olympics that saw the first athletes racing in what would evolve into Qwixskinz, to the 2018 PeongChang Olympics that saw a record 17 nations take to the world stage in our race suits, the Qwixskinz team has been driven to find new & better options for the racers who want to wear a suit that gives them an aerodynamic advantage.

We have studied the competitors to see what has been missing when it comes to race suit options.

Wind tunnel testing with a world leading team in a facility that allows us to include environmental (temperature, humidity, etc) has provided us with an advantage in our development of the best possible race suits.

New 3D pattern development now allows us to provide our elite athletes with an elite fit with less time & fittings than ever before.

We are able to take all of this experience & information & apply it to all levels of race suits because quality should not just be for the pros.