Winter Sports

The evolution of race suit technology for winter sports is exciting & ever changing.

The industry has progressed from wearing what “looks good & keeps you warm” to engineer tested fabrics & designs that can gain you valuable time & advantages in a race.

The way we look at race suits has changed forever & with Qwixskinz’ project success at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics & 2014 Sochi Olympics, our designs now lead the pack in Winter Sports performance apparel.

Not only in high speed sports like Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton & Alpine Skiing but technical advantages in Nordic Skiing & Biathlon can garner the athlete precious time.
When over a 50km race fractions of a second can decide medals, our race suits can make the difference. Our Nordic Ski/Biathlon Suits use a combination of muscle compression to offset lactic acid build up & specialized suit panels to help with air flow.

We at Qwixskinz put our vast & ongoing experience in technical race suit design & testing to work for you & your team regardless of what winter sport you are in.
Add our production team’s incredible art design, vibrant printing & sport-specific construction we can supply you with race suits that look every bit as amazing as they perform.
At Qwixskinz CHALLENGE & EVOLUTION is what drives us.