Summer Sports

While we are establishing our Summer Sport product list, let us tell you about what we currently do…

Cycling – Qwixskinz has been involved in Cycling Race Suit research & development leading to the London Olympics an are extremely proud to see our race suit project standing on the podium at the track cycling velodrome! We plan to use that knowledge to continue our work with cycling teams of varying levels to help them refine their apparel.

If your team is looking to define &  target improvements in your race suits, contact us!

Canoe/Kayak/Rowing – We are currently researching the much needed improvements in these sports. From state of the art fabrics to combat everything from splashing water, rain & sweat evaporation, enabling the best grip or slide on the short bottoms to avoid chaffing (whichever is optimal for each sport) to seam placement for superior drag coefficients  & muscle support to delay muscle fatigue as long as possible.

Contact us to find out what our developments are & how they can help your team. We can supply your team with these new generation of suits to take you to the next level of your sport!

Downhill Skateboarding – You may be wondering what we could do for this extreme sport?  Well, bulky leathers are not aerodynamic & the highly technical abrasion protective suits Qwixskinz is developing for your sport combines superior crash protection with using our downhill Ski & Snowboard experience to improve the aerodynamics & reduce drag. This will be the next step in this sport’s clothing development!

Contact us to find out what we are developing & when our new Downhill Skateboard Suits will be available!!