Wind Tunnel

Extensive research in the wind tunnel is imperative to refined & up to date race suit design.

Deanna Panting & Qwixskinz has been a part of contracted wind tunnel testing sessions with various sports teams & organizations. Our multi-sport contracts with Canada’s “Own the Podium Fund” leading to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics allowed us access to a level of wind tunnel testing & research that few, if any, other companies in the world have the privilege to experience. Our ongoing work continued through the London Summer Olympics & 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics & we now look ahead to the upcoming Olympics & even closer World Cups & World Championships. We continue to work with various teams, nations & companies & are always expanding our wind tunnel testing facility contacts as well as research experts & are adding new clients to our growing wind tunnel testing base.

Expensive testing time has been best utilized by having on-site alterations, fittings & race suit changes & this experience can help your team come away with an instantly improved suit & more detailed research data.

Where conventional testing set ups leaves you with a “next time” list, why not have definitive answers in your data?

By contracting Qwixskinz to not only design & produce your testing prototypes but to be on-site to make the necessary changes during your wind tunnel sessions, you will have the fastest design & fit answers on the spot thus potentially shortening the amount of expensive wind tunnel session required.

Contact us for contract options & daily rates for your next wind tunnel testing session.