Deanna & the Qwixskinz team bring to the consulting, design & research needs of our customers experience in both the design aspect of the ever evolving race suit industry. Our extensive work with world leading engineers & aerodynamic experts and ongoing research into the newest fabric innovations allows us to offer our experience to make you & your team faster.

Our Design Processes are as follows:

  • Consultation on your current apparel to test & find improvements in aerodynamic design & fabric applications (confidentiality contracts can apply)
  • Design & production of prototypes for scientific/aerodynamic or practical testing
  • On-site Wind Tunnel testing consultation to allow for on the spot adjustments & redesign to better utilize expensive aerodynamic research time

With the improved race suit data we at Qwixskinz can produce your racing suits with the cutting edge Qwixskinz graphic artwork or work with your clothing sponsor for approved race wear that will give your team the aerodynamic advantage while adhering to your sponsor contracts.

For a free consultation or if you have questions please fill out our contact us form or give us a call at